Bethel-St. Clair Meals on Wheels

…..delivering independence

We are currently looking for drivers and kitchen help

Cost and Qualifications

There are no age or income requirements for participation in the meals on wheels program.  Certain guidelines are utilized to evaluate whether the program is suitable for the individual's needs 

The recipients may demonstrate the inability to plan, shop and prepare nutritious meals to meet their diet requirements. 

Temporary or permanent physical or psychological impairment caused by illness, disability or advanced age, lack of incentive to prepare meals or the unavailability of other support resources, are a few reasons that would prevent clients from otherwise living independently.  Providing meals on wheels would provide INDEPENDENCE.

The majority of meals on wheels recipients are homebound elderly adults..

Each client is asked to contribute a small portion toward the cost of meals. 

**Currently, we are currently asking $6.00 each day for a hot meal and a bagged lunch as previously described.

Family or clients' church are encouraged to help clients with their donation.  Lack of funds is not a reason to not try meals on wheels.  The average TV dinner is $5.00!

We are not a provider of the Waiver Program put out by the Department of Aging. 

We do not accept credit cards.

We do not have any type of VA benefits.


No amount is too small, memorials, United Way ID 10251460, Amazon Smile (Bethel Park Meals on Wheels), PAYPAL giving fund (Bethel-St. Clair Meals on Wheels)